Places are one of the essential sections of the game play. They will automate your meth production to release you from producing it manually. They can be bought with dollars. The place itself will not produce any meth. You need to buy the associated workers to produce meth. 

Building listEdit

Name Price Supported Worker Meth Production per Worker Purity Comment
Trailer 2,000$ 5 Crackhead cooks (500$) 0.4g/sec 27%
House 100,000$ 10 Students (5,000$) 4,4g/sec. 30%
Facility $1 million 30 Chemists (50,000$) 13,8g/sec 36%
Island $30 million 40 tribal cooks (50,000$) 83,2g/sec 38%
Hideout $100 million 45 Loyal Workers (90,000$) 152g/sec 40%
China $2 Billion 50,000 Bodies (x500 500,000$) x500 782g/sec 46%
Moon $50 Billion 50 Astro Cooks (50,000,000$) 24,560g/sec 50%
Meth Star $9 Trillion 100 Meth Troopers

($50 Billion)

1,860,000g/sec 60%
Planet of the Meth $45 Trillion 200 Crystal farmers 2,600,000g/sec 70%
An Actual Star $99 Trillion 1 Fusion Reactor Core (1$) 1 Billion g/sec 75%
Black Hole $250 Trillion $1 Quintilian 0g/sec - Can only be built once
Joe Bob's Lair

all the monies

1 Dr. Meths Empire (1,000,000,000,000,000$) (A Fuck Ton) 20 Billion g/sec 100% Can only be built once
Halloween Special 123 30 zombies ($1 Billion) 1,430,000g/sec 60% You need to donate to unlock this

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