Places are the locations you can buy and in which you can hire people to cook your product for you.

The more expensive the place the more the workers make and the higher purity the product has.

When the total amount you have made (All Time) is greater than half the value of the location you are buying the location will unlock.


cost:  $2,000

supports: 5 Crackhead Cooks


cost: $100,000

supports: 10 Students


cost: $1,000,000

supports: 30 Chemists


cost: $30,000,000

supports: 40 Tribal Cooks


cost: $100,000,000

supports: 45 Loyal Workers


cost: $2,000,000,000

supports: 50,000 Bodies


cost: $50,000,000,000

supports: 50 Astro Cooks

Meth Star

cost: $9 Trillion

supports: 100 Meth Troopers

Planet of Meth

cost: $45 Trillion

supports: 200 Crystal Farmers

An Actual Star

cost: $99 Trillion

supports: 1 Fusion Reactor Core

Black Hole

cost: $250 Trillion

Joe Bob's Lair

cost: $ 1 Quadrillion

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